Trees as Habitats

Trees act as habitats for everything from small organisms, insects, fungus, pests, birds, rodents, and even humans. Our trees fulfill a very important role in our environment, which is to provide shelter. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s to pests and things that can cause us harm. In many cases cracks, and holes in your trees were caused by or will be used by insects. Many of these insects will be normal, and will simply reside in your tree. Others will feast on its precious nutrients and cause great harm over time. In some cases, it’s even possible for disease to be brought into the tree.

One method is for fungus surrounding the tree to be trickled into the soil and absorbed by the roots. A slightly more common process involves the fungus growing off of the tree itself and making its way inside. Perhaps the most common is a pest, rodent, or insect that comes into contact with the fungus and transports it inside personally. A more peaceful example would be of bird setting up its nest and raising its offspring in the crown. Squirrels, and other rodents may use hollow openings in the tree as a shelter, or storage for food such as nuts.

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