Residential Tree Care Services in West Asheville, NC

If you’re like most homeowners with mature trees on their property, you really appreciate the many benefits these trees provide. For instance, they provide shade, protection from winds, and significant aesthetic appeal.

However, even though mature trees are generally healthy enough to be able to withstand relatively mild infestations of everyday pests and pathogens, they sometimes fall victim to diseases or insect pests that work quickly enough to cause substantial damage that by the time they’re noticed, the tree may not be able to be saved. Early detection is key to successful residential tree care, and crown dieback is often the first indicator that a tree is in distress.

Crown dieback is a condition that occurs as a result of a variety of stressors. Common causes range from drought to infestations of invasive insect species. To check your trees for crown dieback, stop about a block away from your home during the growing season and perform a visual inspection. Crown dieback is easy to spot once you know what to look for — the tops of affected trees appear to be wilting.

If you notice crown dieback in the trees surrounding your home in West Asheville, NC, a residential tree care expert may be able to identify the underlying cause and facilitate a solution. Please don’t hesitate to contact West Asheville Tree Service in NC if your trees are experiencing crown dieback or other signs of distress — we’re ready to come out at a moment’s notice to help keep your trees healthy.

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