Tree Pruning & Trimming in West Asheville, NC

If you need tree care and pruning in the NC area, please reach out to West Asheville Tree Service. We remain the local experts in tree care in our area of North Carolina. Tree services we offer are:

  • Tree pruning.
  • Trimming
  • Branch cutting.
  • Crown reduction.
  • Crown thinning.
  • Crown raising.

Residential & Commercial Tree Pruning

In the wild, a tree may grow unhampered and without pruning and trimming. But, as a part of a landscape and in your yard or business property, any tree will eventually need to be kept looking its best and to keep the tree healthy. The process of branch cutting must be done carefully by a person with the appropriate tools to keep the tree in excellent condition and the pruner safe as well.

When pruning a tree, you need to know which parts are saved to trim and which will help the plant grow more beautifully and healthily. Trust your tree cutting to the experts at our tree service for excellent results.

Tree trimming differs from pruning a tree in that trimming the tree tends to happen when you want to change the shape of the tree or keep in within a specific area of your landscape.

Reasons We Prune Trees in West Asheville, NC

What are the reasons we prune trees in West Asheville, NC? The first reason is to make sure the dead or unhealthy areas of a tree are taken out before any disease has a chance to enter and potentially severely damage the tree. The second reason to prune a tree is to keep its shape attractive. Your trees need to be pruned on a routine basis to have shapely trees. But pruning trees incorrectly or severely endangers the health of your trees and may also kill the tree.

Types of Pruning Methods We Use in West Asheville

Crown Reduction

Only an expert in the pruning of trees has the knowledge to decide whether or not how to provide a tree with an appropriate and safe reduction of its crown. If your tree is experiencing crown die-back and small leaf sizes, your tree could use a crown reduction as well as some branch trimming. Reduction of the crown is also made when there is an excess of deadwood on the tree, and to reduce the weight load of the branches to reduce branches breaking off the trees and causing damage to the surrounding area of your landscape. For the most part, only dead and decaying material is removed from the tree. The majority of leaf-bearing branches and leaves are preserved to keep photosynthesis occurring and sustain the life of the tree, even if the tree is quite old.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning keeps trees from getting too tall and keeps limbs from becoming invasive. This specific thinning process needs to be done while the tree is dormant for the well-being of the tree. Thinning the crown of the tree prevents fungus and insect pest problems due to an improvement in air circulation within the crown of the tree. The trick to appropriate thinning of a tree’s crown is to know when you’ve thinned enough of the tree’s crown, but not too much. Too much trimming of the tree’s crown causes anomalies in the way the tree grows. The only parts of the crown that needs to be pruned are water spouts, diseased areas and dead parts of the tree. Excessive thinning of a tree’s crown causes an unattractive shape to the tree and weakens it, too.

Crown Raising

The crown raising of a tree means that the lower limbs of the tree in question will be removed for improved sight lines, increased light in your yard, and for sidewalk and street clearance.

Structural Pruning of a Tree

Structural tree pruning should occur throughout the life of a tree. The best time to create the structure or the shape

The Benefits Behind Tree Pruning and Trimming

The main benefits of pruning and trimming your trees are aesthetic. You want your property to look good, and your trees to be healthy. For that reason, call the tree trimming pros at West Asheville Tree Service for more information today. We can trim your trees and keep your property beautiful.

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