Tree Services in West Asheville, NC

Tree Services in West Asheville, NC

Tree Services in West Asheville, NC

Tree Care Services in West Asheville, NC

Whether you’ve bought a new home or live in an established community, you can use the help of professional arborist to maintain the health of your trees. Trimming, tree pruning, and tree removal are all services that need to be handled by professionals like those at West Asheville Tree Service. In the North Carolina mountains, high winds, snow and freezing temperatures can damage your trees. Our services including storm damage cleanups and emergency tree service to combat the forces of Mother Nature. Pruning and performing hazardous tree inspections will help us keep your trees beautiful, healthy and safe.

Tree Pruning & Trimming Services in West Asheville, NC

Healthy trees need to be maintained by professionals. Limbs that are diseased or broken will need to be pruned for the well-being of the tree. Broken limbs can be a hazard to your home. They could fall in a storm, producing broken windows or hurting someone. We know how to properly perform tree pruning for the best outcome. Trimming is necessary when a tree is ‘top heavy’ or when the branches have grown over drives or walkways. They also add to the aesthetics of the tree, creating a uniform look.

Tree Removal in West Asheville, NC

When a tree is diseased or rotted, it may be time to get rid of it. Tree diseases can spread to other healthy trees. In time, it could wipe out all of the trees in your yard. Before that happens, call us. If a tree splits or falls during a storm, you need immediate service. We have the equipment and safety gear needed to safely remove fallen or damaged trees from your yard.


Once a tree is downed, cut up, and hauled off, what do you do with that unsightly stump? Not only is it ugly, but it is in the way when you mow grass. The remaining roots are a tripping hazard for the children. The answer is to have the stump removed. Stump grinding turns the stump into wood chips. Once the stump removal is complete, the hole can be filled in with dirt, leaving no trace that a tree was once there.

Storm Damage Clean-Ups & Land Clearing in West Asheville, NC

Storms happen here quite frequently. Heavy snow, high winds and buffeting rains can be disastrous to your property. When limbs litter your yard and huge trees have fallen over the drive or walkway, give us a call at West Asheville Tree Service. Our crew can clean up debris, cut and haul away downed trees, and clear your property of big limbs and branches. Home owners should never try to clear branches and fallen limbs. It is a dangerous job best handled by professionals with proper equipment.

In western Asheville North Carolina, we are the company to call for emergency tree service and routine maintenance. Our staff can answer your questions and help you find the solutions for all of your tree-related needs. Call West Asheville Tree Service today.