Storm Tree Damage Cleanups in West Asheville, NC

After a storm passes through in West Asheville, NC, there could be damage to your trees. Some trees could be blown over by the strong winds. Heavy rains can weaken the ground around the base of your trees, making it easier for them to fall in the future. If you have trees in your yard that have been damaged by storms in North Carolina, then consider contacting our company for storm tree damage cleanups so that they won’t pose a threat to your home or vehicles.

The winter season often brings snow and ice storms to West Asheville, NC. Precipitation from these storms in North Carolina can accumulate on the limbs and branches, weighing them down and causing them to break. If there is enough weight on the tree, then it could begin to lean or fall over, especially if there is underlying damage to the root system or if the tree has been damaged during a previous storm.

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Tree removal is often the best solution to prevent trees and limbs from damaging your property during and after a storm. Sometimes, lightning could strike a tree, causing it to splinter on the side or causing it to fall. There are times lightning can cause the tree to catch on fire as well, which would result in the removal of the tree once the fire is out. Someone from the company can inspect the tree to determine the extent of storm tree damage cleanups and create a plan of action that is best for the tree as well as the rest of the yard and your property.

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