Stump Grinding or Stump Removal in West Asheville, NC

North Carolina is full of beautiful trees like the Loblolly Pine, Red Maple, Sweetgum, Tulip Tree, Oak, Leyland Cyprus Hickory, and Canadian Hemlock. Areas like West Asheville, NC, has more trees per square foot than any other location in North Carolina. The use of native trees in landscaping marries together both a healthy land ethic and our native heritage. Native trees have many adaptive traits and inherent qualities that make them practical, ecologically valuable, and aesthetically pleasing for landscaping.

The native trees of West Asheville, contribute to the restoration, and the health of an ecosystem by implementing fewer demands on local resources. Native trees used in landscaping also helps to sustain native moths, butterflies, mammals, birds, and other fauna; however, what happens to these trees when they die or get blown over by gale force winds? Often times, emergency tree removal services are called for remediation to clear away trees from roadways and other obstructions. Homeowners will do their part to remove damaged trees from their property, but the stump left behind requires specialized equipment for removal.

The Reasons for Tree Stump Removal

  1. Stumps can be dangerous.
  1. Stumps are unappealing.
  1. Stumps have the potential for various diseases.
  1. Decomposing stumps can attract unwanted insects.
  1. Stumps can occupy space.

How We Remove Your Tree Stumps Effortlessly, Safely & Quickly

If you have a stump you want to be removed or stump grinding that needs to be done? Call one of our friendly representatives at West Asheville Tree Service, and leave the removal process to our team of highly-skilled arborist. In the first place, we’re a professional tree stump removal service who has the right equipment and tools for complete stump grinding and removal. Secondly, our arborist’s will know the species of tree that you’re dealing with just by looking at the tree stump. And thirdly, they will know the correct procedure to safely remove it without causing any damage to your property. Our team will show up at your property with all of the equipment and have your project done in a matter of hours.

Why Stumps Left Around Can Become a Hazard Around Your Residential or Commercial Property

Whether on a residential or commercial property, stumps are both unappealing and hazardous. Stumps that are left in the earth can take away from the existing landscape. They can also pose an immediate risk for children who like to play on them, and they can be a pain for adults who are trying to trim weeds or cut grass around a stump. When a stump starts to decay it can attract snakes, insects, and a host of other wildlife that will annoy anyone near the stump or cause damage to your property.

Removing a tree stump is not a DIY project. Although some business or homeowners might think this is a DIY project; however, the truth is, it’s not. The risk of serious bodily harm is a reality that comes with this type of project, and it’s better left to our professionals who are trained to safely remove stumps with specialized grinding equipment. The danger of someone attempting a DIY stump removal project who is inexperienced in this field will put themselves at a higher risk of personal injury or death. This is due to using the wrong tools and lack of experience.

The benefit of using a professional service to grind or remove your stumps is safety. This is a very dangerous procedure with massive grinding wheels with teeth chewing up the wood like it was butter; therefore, it’s best if an expert service safely removes your stumps. The benefits far exceed the potential for liability claims or lawsuits from serious bodily harm. We are fully insured and have a solid track record for outstanding customer service, and we can safely remove or grind any stump on a residential or commercial piece of property. If you have residential or commercial property in NC, and need to have a stump removed? Call us today, and let our team of professional arborist take care of your problem.

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