Tree Topping in West Asheville, NC (Part 3)

It’s worth noting as well that tree topping is a process with unappealing results. The fact of the matter is that trees are naturally beautiful without man’s intervention. Tree Pruning is done carefully to ensure that the changes made to the tree are marginal, and specific in accuracy. After tree topping the ends of limbs are gone which leaves tons of unappealing stubs. After a significant period of time topped trees will begin to show a deformed and damaged appearance.

Unfortunately, trees can never recover from tree topping as it creates too many openings for weakness in the crown. This leaves room for the growth of feeble branches that are grown just to fall. In some cases, a tree does need to be reduced in size however topping is never the answer. In a situation where large branches have to be removed, the limb should be pruned as close to the lateral branch as possible. This will ensure that the tree holds on to its original form. Overall, tree topping is not a valid method of decreasing tree size. It poses far more risks than it does benefits to both people, and the property. Pruning is a much more appropriate, and delicate process of reducing the size of your tree’s crown.

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