Have Healthier Trees

The trees on your residential or commercial property are valuable, and you can protect the plants by hiring a knowledgeable tree surgeon in West Asheville, NC. You may have one or more trees that have dry or dead limbs, but you should have these branches removed to prevent an injury during a heavy rainstorm. This type of tree surgery requires expertise to make sure that certain branches are removed without damaging the other limbs. The removal of too many branches can make a tree unhealthy, leading to poor growth of foliage.

Expert Tree Cutting

An expert tree surgeon in West Asheville, NC can determine if a tree requires pollarding to remove the uppermost branches or lopping to remove the branches on the sides of the trunk. There are benefits from cutting away the branches of a tree, including providing clearance along roadways or keeping the foliage away from dangerous power lines. During the early spring, you may want to have a tree coppiced or cut down almost to the ground to encourage new growth that is lush and green.

Professional Tree Care

You can call our company at different times of the year for a variety of services. Some trees require tree surgery in the winter while others need treatments in the spring. While you might think that the trees on your property are healthy, a tree surgeon knows how to look for the subtle signs of problems that require treatment before the plants are beyond repair.

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