When Do Tree Roots Grow the Most?

Most tree roots will grow quickly from late spring to early summer, but some species of trees have roots that have another growth spurt in the autumn. It is important to know the species of a tree to understand how its roots will grow. Having this information helps you to understand when to plant a particular type of tree along with when to fertilize and water it. When you don’t understand tree root growth, you should contact a tree care company that has a trained arborist.

These experts spend a lot of time in school to learn about botany. This variety of science focuses on plant life, including trees. An arborist is able to understand more about tree root growth than an amateur can, and she can determine if a tree has an insect infestation or disease that is affecting its roots. By knowing more about a particular type of tree, you can decide what species to plant to have the best shade in the summer or to prevent soil erosion in the winter.

Some tree roots grow deeply, leading to severe damage to sewer lines, building foundations or other items on a property. Instead of choosing these types of trees, an arborist can help you find a species of tree that has shallow roots that will still grow in your geographic zone’s climate.

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