Signs of Decay in Trees

Vertical and horizontal cracks are a common sign that your tree might be sick, or dying. Dramatic wounds to the trunks outer bark is not only a sign your tree is dying but it is also a factor that can cause it to die. Similarly, if the bark appears to be falling off, or shedding of the tree it is likely sick. During old age the tree normally sheds its bark naturally. This isn’t always something to worry about as it will typically replace the old bark with a new layer. In the event that the bark is not completely replaced in certain areas, it’s safe to assume that your tree is not doing well.

When it comes to branches the lack of leaves are a tell-tale sign as well. Pay close attention to your branches during the spring and summer. Any limbs which are not growing leaves are typically dead and should be pruned. It’s important to remember though that healthy leaves will naturally fall during the winter, and dead leaves may stay atop the crown. Fungus on the outside of the tree trunk is a standard sign of disease, and possibly infestation as well. These are often precursors to rotting insides of the tree.

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