Protect Your Trees from Animal Damage This Winter

Winter is a harsh time for all life, plants included. Among the many factors that can hurt your trees this winter are animals. Though they don’t mean harm, the various woodland critters that live in your area can cause major tree damage, potentially even killing them.

In order to prevent animal damage, you must first understand what kinds of animals you live around. Mice, rabbits, and deer are three of the most common, with different methods to stopping them you’ll need to employ for good tree care.

For mice, rabbits, and other species of rodents, you’ll need a protective cylinder to cover the base of the tree. For best results, it should be at least 1/4 of an inch thick and made from mesh cloth, pushed two to three inches into the ground and about two feet above the expected snowline. You might also employ animal repellent that you paint or spray onto the trees or the area around them, especially if you have many trees to protect.

With deer, you’ll want to start prepping in the fall, as deer like to rub their antlers against trees during this season. To do this, repellent is the best option, including heavy rags and cloths hung around trees if deer are especially prevalent or persistent. You might also try setting up better food options away from your trees, though this could attract more deer than you bargained for.

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