How to Fix a Topped Tree


While most may think tree topping is an appropriate form of pruning, arborists and tree specialists alike warn against this violation of tree care. Tree topping can reap irreversible repercussions and lend a fatal hand to your tree’s health as it slowly declines. Fortunately, services do offer tree topping repair that aim to restore your topped tree back to its natural state. Below are the necessary steps tree restoration services follow to facilitate a topped trees growth.


When a tree has been topped it sends off a trigger warning, prompting the tree to grow a number of sprouts in an effort to restore energy. However, before any trimming can take place the new sprouts need to grow back to their original height. Once the branches have regrown, the tree service will need to identify the strongest branches, better known as the leaders, so they have a solid starting point.

From there, the weak branches will be cut down to the trunk, allowing stronger limbs to stem from the leader. It’s imperative that the leader branches exude dominance so the less sturdy branches can feed off of their strength. To achieve full restoration, this process will need to be repeated over the next five years. With ample care and patience your topped tree will be whole again.

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