Covering Exposed Tree Roots

Exposed roots from trees can lead to serious problems. They provide a risk of being tripped over or twisting an ankle. In terms of problems for the tree, exposed roots can be easily damaged, become rotten, and are an easy target for parasites and diseases.

Tree roots become exposed mainly as a result of two issues. Erosion could have washed away the soil and left the roots exposed, or, due to poor planting preparation, the tree could’ve been planted too close to the surface, or the roots have nowhere else to expand due to being located in close proximity to large rocks, rocky soil, sidewalks, or buildings.

Exposed tree root covering should be done in a way that protects the roots and prevents the same issues from literally resurfacing. Rather than piling soil on top of the roots, which can harm the functions of the roots, you should use mulches, organic materials, and bark to evenly cover the exposed roots.

Keep in mind that huge portion of mulch or bark piled up against the base of the tree will likely lead to rotting and tree infections underneath the bark. Distribute the mulches and woodchips over the root exposure as evenly as possible, leaving an open buffer around the tree’s base. Taking care in the process of initially planting your trees can prevent these issues outright.

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