How to Clean Your Yard After Storm Tree Damage

A heavy rainstorm can cause a lot of problems on your lawns. It is easy for a homeowner to pick up small branches from a lawn, and she can also use a rake to gather the leaves that are torn from her property’s trees. However, when severe storm tree damage occurs, there are often dangling branches hanging over a home, or in some cases, an entire tree is knocked down. Strenuous yard cleaning requires having a lot of physical strength along with having specialized equipment such as saws and a bucket truck.

After removing the small debris from a lawn, calling a professional tree service is necessary. The experts who work for a tree service understand how to complete difficult yard cleaning chores such as lifting a large tree from a building and cutting it into sections. When a tree has fallen on nearby power lines, the technicians know how to contact utility companies to have the electricity turned off.

When the tree service’s employees leave the property, you can continue to clean your lawn by removing the branches left on the ground. You may need to remove shrubs that were damaged by the falling tree. If your property’s pathways and driveway are covered with leaves and other storm debris, then you can use a broom to collect the materials for disposal.

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