Young Tree Planting Tips

Great care should be taken when plating young trees or saplings. Freshly planted trees, especially young ones, need to be attended to and monitored to become well adapted to its newly planted setting.

Young tree planting begins with determining an appropriate location or making changes to the surrounding landscape to suit the needs of the newly planted trees. In a dry area or on a sloped hill, it is advised to plant the tree with a ring of dirt surrounding it, acting almost as a bowl to retain the water from running off or not reaching the roots adequately. In the case of a slope, the ring would be shaped like an open crescent to ensure that water running down from above the tree’s base has room to enter the ring.

With young trees, ensure they are well fed by incorporating fresh soil, fertilizer, and topping the surrounding ground with an even layer of mulch or wood chips to protect the roots and preserve the ground moisture. Keep the young tree well watered, but don’t make the mistake of over-watering, as young trees can be fragile to an over-abundance of water , which could result in rotting, disease, loose roots, or the tree can, in a sense, drown. Tend to young trees accordingly, and they’ll grow and become well-established in seemingly no time at all.

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