Why Arborists Are Important

A certified arborist works with trees at residential, public and commercial properties. A local company might have one of these experts trim the trees on its property to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. A city’s recreational department may contact a tree surgeon to determine if one of the trees at a park has a serious disease that can spread to the other trees. A homeowner may need the services of arborists to remove damaged trees after a rainstorm occurs.

Arborists are important because the world needs healthy trees to provide oxygen for humans and animals. These experts understand how to care for trees that have diseases or pest infestations. When a homeowner buys a new house, she can contact an arborist to help her choose trees that are appropriate for her lawn’s soil and the geographic zone’s climate. When a tree falls on a building, an arborist knows how to remove it safely without creating additional damage or injuring anyone.

In some cases, a certified arborist’s work can save a diseased tree when he removes its dead dangling branches or eliminates its dangerous insects. A large tree on a property can be extremely old, and trees often have important historical significance. Saving a huge tree can protect the environment because it provides a home for birds and wildlife along with preventing soil erosion.

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