Trees and City Life

In urban environments and cities, the advantages of having trees cannot be overstated. On one level, you need trees to combat the rising levels of pollution that occur in these areas. However, there are very deep and insightful benefits to trees on our mental health. Trees are said to motivate us towards feelings of calmness, clarity, and connection. Studies have shown that environments that offer more plant life are less likely to experience crime. On the other hand, regions with less trees often experience escalated rates of crime. This is believed to be a reflection of the spiritual value that trees offer us.

Secondly, the amount of shade provided by these trees has a significant effect on our psyche’s while we traverse our cities. One of the more interesting claims of these studies is that we are all connected to nature, and thus while trees are present we are more connected to each other. This bond we share reduced fear, and as a result tension. It’s also worth mentioning that tree service is a serious job which should only be handled by professionals. As a direct result of this it creates new job opportunities in densely populated areas.

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