Why Tree Trimming Should Be Performed

Tree pruning is a necessary activity for anyone with trees on their property. Tree trimming improves the health, safety and appearance of the trees on your property. Beginning with safety, trimming back dead and useless branches can reduce the hazard of breakage during storms or the fire danger if the tree or a nearby structure should catch on fire. Another reason is that leaving dead wood on trees can attract fungus or wood boring insects, which can then pose a hazard to the entire tree and make it more prone to breaking or falling.

Tree pruning improves tree health by removing dead and dying matter to make room for the tree to grow new and healthy wood. The tree is then able to allocate its resources towards healthy growth instead of combating the death and decay in the branches you have trimmed. It will also be able to grow healthier roots, which will in turn make it less likely to fall in a storm.

The final reason for regular tree trimming is the tree’s appearance. Dead branches and shooters can make the tree visually unappealing. Trees that have a prominent part in your landscaping will look much better when nicely trimmed and relieved of dead matter.

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