Tree Topping Part 1

Tree Topping is a specific type of pruning method which although is still in use, is widely considered to be poor for your tree’s health. First, it’s important to know exactly what tree topping is. This process is sometimes called tree heading, or hat racking. The process specifically removes branches that are thought to be too weak or small to hold the whole network connected to it. Topping is most commonly used to create a massive reduction the size of a tree’s crown. In some cases, this happens because homeowners believe that a tree on their land is a risk due to its size.

When you top a tree’s crown you are actively removing at least half of its leaves from the crown. This means that the tree will immediately at least half of its ability to take in sunlight, and produce food. This creates a panic in the tree internally as a result of starvation. As the tree realizes it is in desperate need of new leaves as soon as possible, it will open up its dormant buds early and force itself to develop new branches from the cuts. In many cases the tree no longer has enough energy to even carry out such a task because it just lost such a huge portion of its leaves. This can cause the tree to wither, and die.

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