Tree Pruning for Beginners

Tree Pruning is a necessary act of both mercy, and love to our trees. The primary purpose of tree pruning is to simply offer the tree more exposure to sunlight, while also optimizing opportunity for the tree to make use of it. During the act of tree pruning an arborist will examine your trees crown in order to locate its strongest and weakest branches. By identifying these limbs initially, the arborist can make a plan for creating the most concise, safe, and prosperous cuts.

The branches targeted for cutting will be one of several categories. The first category is sick with disease, these branches must be removed in order to expel the plague on your tree’s health before it spreads. The second category is of injured, or hazardous branches that risk falling. These limbs must be removed in order to prevent injury to those nearby, and potential damage to your landscape if it should fall. Lastly, any branches that are determined to be unnecessary to the tree’s long term health should be removed. When all of the above branches are gone, the crown will have made large sacrifices in wasted energy. Furthermore, it will be able to more directly absorb sunlight and send nutrients to branches that are healthy.

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