Tree Planting Services

Tree planting is something that can totally be performed on a DIY basis, but we tend to recommend allowing a professional to help you out. The act of planting a new tree is quite a process and if you don’t adhere to basic rules, your tree may never grow up.

Before considering the project at hand, we’ll help you select a tree(s) of your choice in which you’d like planted on your property. From here we’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages of the species and let you make the decision for yourself.

After everything has been finalized, we’ll obtain the trees from a nursery and begin digging up the hole on your property exactly to spec. Once thing we’re great with that you want to consider is how to properly care for your tree once it’s been planted. Quality Tree Services specializes in freshly planted tree care. We know all about measuring soil levels, watering, fertilization, mulching and much more.

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