Why Tree Mulching is Necessary

One of the most important steps for winter tree care is mulching around the base of the tree. Just like having a well-insulated home, adding mulch to the base of a tree is not a step you want to skip!

Mulching around a tree can be made up of many things. Most people typically think of wood chips, but the mulch can be made up of other organic matter such as pine needles and compost. Small stones are one common example of inorganic matter that is often used as a mulch that still provides the same insulation, but does not have the inherent nutritional benefits for the soil below after decomposition. Each has benefits, but organic mulching will, over time, improve the soil quality and structure.

Well, why is mulching so important? One of the best cited reasons is the same as that of insulation: creating both summer and winter protection from extreme temperatures that could damage the roots. Mulching also protects the trunk and roots from the danger of lawn care tools and weed competition, ensuring that they are not hit and damaged, or deprived of nutrients when possible.

So be sure to mulch your trees for their best health, creating a protective sprawl around its base. To know how much to add, just remember the “three” rule: layer the mulch in a three foot diameter, approximately three inches deep, and leave about three inches between the mulch and the trunk of the tree.

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