Maintaining the health of your trees adds to your property’s aesthetics and value. Healthy trees add shade and block wind and sun, providing a protective barrier against Mother Nature. Allow us at West Asheville Tree Service to keep your trees healthy year-round.

Our tree maintenance services provide specific care for each western North Carolina season. In summer, the weather can be hot and dry. Too much water can cause rot. Too little water can kill the tree. The balance must be just right. We will make sure trees are watered properly. Our monthly service allows you peace of mind. It allows us to check on the health of your trees. We can adjust the irrigation accordingly.

Water is only one part of our monthly service. We also check for disease and damage. We look out for insects that can kill the tree. We will fertilize as needed for healthy foliage and strong limbs.

Western NC has four distinct seasons and each one brings it’s own problems. Seasonal tree maintenance services allow us at West Asheville Tree Service to protect your trees by preventing problems. We will mulch, fertilize and prune seasonally to prevent diseases and damage caused by snow, heat, and storms.

Our NC company knows the local tree varieties and how to maintain them. Call us at West Asheville Tree Service today for seasonal or monthly care for all of your trees.

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