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We can have violent thunderstorms in West Asheville, NC, and this can lead to tree damage from lightning strikes. Lightning is attracted to taller objects such as older trees that are on a lawn, and this natural event can destroy a tree immediately by breaking it apart or by creating structural damage that is not fixable. Fortunately, our arborists install tree lightning protection devices on trees in a customized way to keep a tree safer.

Installation of Copper Materials

You may have heard of lightning rods that are placed on homes, businesses and outbuildings to keep the structures safe when there is a lightning strike, and tree lightning protection systems work in a similar way. The systems used for protecting a tree during a thunderstorm are typically made from copper. This metal will conduct the electricity from the lightning down the tree and into the ground where a metal rod is located so that it discharges, preventing damage to your West Asheville, NC, trees.

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While these tree lightning protection systems can’t prevent a lightning strike or keep other storm damage from occurring from the strong winds of a storm, the devices do offer protection from a lightning bolt by intercepting the electrical charge from the sky and conducting it into the soil around a tree. These devices can keep a tree from catching on fire from a lightning strike, helping to protect nearby trees and buildings from the dangers of any flames.

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