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When you are ready to build a new business or home in West Asheville, NC, you may need to have several trees removed from the property so that the construction workers can lay the foundation. You may want to have some trees chopped down while leaving other trees in place. It is important to hire an expert arborist for tree felling service so that the correct trees are removed. A knowledgeable arborist can determine how to make the proper cuts in a tree’s trunk so that it falls in the proper direction without hitting other trees or nearby structures.

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You might think that understanding how to make the correct notches in a tree’s trunk is easy, but if it is done the wrong way, then a disaster can occur as a tree falls against the other trees that you want to keep on a property. In addition, the notched tree might land on expensive pieces of equipment or people.

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An arborist learns the proper tree felling techniques such as understanding the height and diameter of a tree along with the current weather conditions. There are several factors that the arborist must consider before the cuts are made in the tree’s trunk. After the tree is on the ground, you also need a plan in place for removal of the debris such as cutting the trunk into sections for use as firewood or having the wood ground into sawdust.

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