Treatment of Trees Damaged by Construction

Construction can be an extremely destructive force to trees that
are in or near the construction zone. In order to save trees that are damaged
by construction action needs to be taken as soon as possible.  The most common types of damage trees see through construction are as follows; damage outside the trunk, cut roots, too densely packed roots, higher exposure to climate conditions, and stress as a
result of changes in exposure to types of weather.

Before a construction job goes live, an arborist should complete a
visual inspection of all nearby trees in order to create the proper protection.
In some cases the problems can be identified very quickly saving you trouble
later. In many of these cases the trees can be immediately pruned to reduce the
possibility of branches falling during construction.  After the inspection if a tree is determined
to be unstable, and incapable of surviving construction the tree can be removed
before it creates safety hazards. In the end its always possible that all the
preventative measures taken can still fail the tree from survival. You can tell
a tree is dying by observing its leaves, crown, and its color. If its color
dims, its leaves are not as plentiful or drying there is a large chance your
tree is dying. In this case there are only a few select options left to save
the tree.

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