The Tallest Trees In the World

The currently ranked tallest tree in the world is the Hyperion
Redwood that resides in Northern California. The second tallest tree in the
world is the Centurion in Tasmania, Australia. This tree is a mountain ash type
and it stands at an impressive 327 feet. The third tallest tree in the world is
the Coast Douglas Fir at just under 327 feet. Number four on this astounding
list is the Sitka Spruce in Redwoods State Park, California. This beauty clocks
in at 317 feet. The fifth largest tree on this list is the Giant Sequoia
ranking in at 314 feet also in California.

Over the years this ranking has become the center of debate and
even dramatization. The majority of these trees are measured with laser
measurement tools. A more primitive method of measurement used in the past was
tape measure by groups of climbers. In the past these measurements made by tape
measure brought up error as high as 20% in terms of the height recorded. Due to
these human errors the past few decades have seen major reform in this subject
matter in order to create a more comprehensive, and accurate list. In the past
some trees were recorded as being up to 500 feet in height. These records have
been all but thrown out, in light of technological advancements in measurement.

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