The Tallest Trees In North America

In America, the tallest tree as of 2009 is the Hyperion Redwood.
This behemoth stands at 378 feet and resides in northern California. This tree
has become a tourist attraction, and of the most popular ones at that in
California. Specifically speaking, most redwood trees stand over 200 feet
across different types. The dawn redwood was often found across the world in
fossilized form. However, recently they were found still growing in China. What
is unique about dawn redwoods is that they actually change the colors of their
leaves during different seasons. The other redwoods remain evergreen throughout
the year.

The Giant Sequoia was originally found in the Sierra Nevada during
the 19th century. They only seem to exist in areas of high
elevation. Giant Sequoias are very wide, and thick often attracting tourism.
Coast Redwoods are often found in lower elevations and exist as an in-between
species sharing traits of Hyperion’s, and Sequoias.

If you were to remove the base of the statue of liberty, the
Hyperion Redwood would still be close to twice the size of the monument.
Experts in tree research suggest that the mass of wood inside the Hyperion
Redwood is equal to over a dozen fully grown blue whales. Considering the fact
that these trees pull CO2 out of the atmosphere and resupply it as oxygen its
truly fascinating to consider the contributions of these trees to our planet.

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