The Importance of Safety In Removing a Tree

Through the course of the four seasons, arborists remove trees of
all different conditions. However, these highly trained individuals are well
aware of all safety precautions in removal. One of the largest risks when
removing a tree is the potential falling of branches, and limbs. This is why
oftentimes before completely removing a tree the crown may need to be pruned.
Even perfect pruning techniques used by a skilled arborist can sometimes not be
enough. The removal of trees fully grown and young is a dangerous situation for
anyone involved.

Initially, the first aspect of tree removal that is dangerous are
the equipment and tools being worked with. Hand tools, chisels, chainsaws,
chippers, and axes are nothing to sneeze at. These tools are capable of causing
irreparable damage to men and women within split seconds.  This is why only skilled arborists should ever handle tree removal jobs. They know firsthand, on a daily basis exactly how to handle these tools safely. The second apparent risk during tree removal is the possibility of falling from the tree during operation. Another major worry are power lines. An arborist runs the risk of falling into lines as he works. This can result in electrocution which results in major health issues.

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