Signs of Under watering or Overwatering Trees

Under-watering trees or over-watering trees can both lead to negative consequences. But how do you know when your trees are not getting enough or getting too much water? The truth is that both over-watering and under-watering trees have some similar signs.

Under-watering trees usually presents the following signs:

  • Wilted leaves with brown edges or tips
  • Sparse canopy with off-colored and small leaves
  • Fall colors on leaves and then leaf drop

Even if you regularly use a sprinkler in your yard during dry months, if you have grass or even a field of weeds, it will suck up the water faster than it can get to the trees.

Signs of over-watering trees are as follows:

  • Damp, soft ground around the tree
  • New growth wilts quickly or becomes yellow
  • Leaves that present as green but are fragile and fall off easily

In both cases, the tree may have a similar appearance of yellowing leaves and stunted growth. If your tree has this look, then you want to check which problem it has. A quick check involves sticking a long screwdriver into the soil near your tree. If this is difficult, then the tree needs more water. If you dig about eight inches, you should find cool, moist soil. If it’s crumbly, then the tree is too dry. Sopping wet and the tree is being over-watered.

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