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If you live in West Asheville, NC, then autumn is the perfect time for shrub trimming. The shrubs on your property will grow larger in the spring and summer, but shrub pruning before winter is beneficial for the plants. Cutting back an overgrown shrub can leave an open area on a branch, providing a perfect place for insects or diseases to infest the plant. However, by autumn, the temperature has dropped enough so that these problems won’t occur.

Pruning Offers Benefits

In addition, snow can collect on the shrubs, creating huge obstacles that make it difficult to open a door of a building or to look through a window. If there is an ice storm, then the thick layers of ice can break the sensitive branches of a shrub. Professional shrub trimming can protect the plants from damage, increase visibility and create a pleasing appearance. Removing the thick foliage of shrubs can also deter burglaries because potential thieves often hide behind the plants to break into doors and windows.

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Shrub pruning is a strenuous job that requires having specialized tools, so calling a company that has knowledgeable technicians is a much better choice. Our arborists know how to care for shrubs correctly by cutting away the long branches that are creating an oddly shaped plant. After the shrub trimming on your property is completed, the lawns will look nicer, making it easier to decorate for the upcoming holiday season in West Asheville, NC.

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