Serious Risks with Stump Grinding in West Asheville, NC

After a tree removal, the stump is always remaining. The safest route to take is to eliminate the tree stump from your property right away, although many will choose to keep it. The truth is tree stumps are very unsafe, and pose a risk to your children and home. First and foremost, stumps rest at a level that may not always be in plain sight. This means it’s entirely possible that kids playing outside may trip on them and hurt themselves. For adults doing yard work, or landscaping this also means that the stump could be an issue. Perhaps more dangerously the stump can also become a breeding ground for infestations.

Termites in particular reproduce very fast and will use stumps as an initial breeding ground before moving to something more plentiful such as your home. At the end of the day there are not many benefits outside of design that make your stump worth keeping. Removal is simply safer, and more convenient for long term landscaping. In order to remove the stump, it’s important that you use a professional service that knows what they are doing. The machinery which is necessary to remove a stump can be difficult to use properly and may result in even worse injury than keeping it.

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