Removing Tree Roots Above the Ground

Looking out your back window to see a beautiful, blooming tree can be a great view, but sometimes tree roots can sprout out of the dirt too much; excess growth can become out of control and seem to be taking over your yard. There are some ways to do above ground root removal without harm:

You should start with some basic root inspections, and if the nuisances are larger than 2 inches wide, then options are limited – removing roots of that size can make the tree unstable or unhealthy as the roots are essential to nutrients and water in addition to stability.

Once going ahead with the pruning, find the roots that are causing the issue and trace it to the trunk. If it’s small enough, then take a tape measure, figure the tree’s diameter at four feet from the base, and then prune the root at a distance of 3-5 times the tree’s diameter (i.e., a diameter of 4 means cutting at 12-20 feet).

You should mark where you will cut and then dig up the dirt from around the root, so it’s exposed completely.

Always keep an eye on the tree for three to four weeks after removing roots. If unusually yellowed leaves show up, it can be a sign of damage having been done. A professional needs to be brought it.

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