Popular Trees & Myths Part 2

Forests and trees have always had an essential part in myths,
legends, and tales. Trees have often served different roles within these
stories, but there are always a few constant themes. The trees tend to serve as
stepping stones to new realities, or worlds. Additionally, the trees symbolize
purity, life, and wisdom.

One of the most interesting tree myths revolves around the Yaqui.
These were a group of southwest based Native Americans who created and spread
the myth of a talking tree. The myth goes that on one day the Yaqui found a
tree creating incredibly powerful vibrations which no one understood. One of
the more prominent individuals in the story a forest dwelling woman employed
her daughter to find the tree and interpret its vibrations. Upon finding the
tree, the girl was able to understand its vibrations. Supposedly, the tree told
her of the incoming wave of Christianity, and its various followers who would
spread the religion onto the land. 
According to the legend those who did not accept the message of the
talking tree abandoned the land. However, those who followed the trees message
and joined the new religion were to create the Yaqui.

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