Oxygen gifted by Trees

Most people know that trees naturally supply us with clean oxygen to breathe. There are several variables that determine just how much oxygen a single tree can output. Trees and plant life play a substantial part in the atmosphere that surrounds our planet. The type of tree, its lifespan, and its health are the main variables in how much oxygen a tree can create. One of the standard rules of thumb is that in three months a tree creates enough oxygen for about a dozen people to breathe in one year.

Other sources state that an adult tree can convert at least 48 lbs. of carbon dioxide annually into oxygen. There are countless additional statistics out there that seek to evaluate the exact return a tree has on our atmosphere. Fortunately, the existence of these values isn’t necessary to understand the true importance of trees on our earth. Whether its baring fruit, offering habitats for wildlife, breaking down carbon dioxide, firewood, fighting pollution, offering shade, or even peace of mind trees truly is indispensable. According to Canada’s Environmental Agency a single tree produces over 250 lbs. of oxygen annually. This statistic is said to be enough for two people to live off of.

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