Mental Health and Trees

A single tree is capable of taking in approximately 10 pounds of various pollution through the year. Scientists and Psychologists have conducted studies which they believe prove that trees are beneficial to our mental health. One of the more basic approaches to this idea can be found during hospital visits. Have you ever seen someone deliver flowers to an unwell loved one? The theory is that, yes, the flowers are beautiful and smell nice, but also that they have a much higher meaning then we give credit for.

It’s thought that when we deliver these flowers what we are actually doing is sending a message of life, prosperity, growth, and recovery. In fact, studies have shown that patients in hospitals tend to experience better care when they have trees, and plant life visible Some state that the connection to nature inspires us to want to get better, others that it helps us to clear our mind of stress and cope. Either way, from a purely spiritual standpoint it stands in line with the symbolism commonly associated with trees. In Spain studies have sought to prove that children experience large advantages of being near trees as well. Specifically, that there is a noticeable increase in attention, and cognitive development.

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