Insects and Trees, Friend or Foe?

Some insects pose a threat to the health and well-being of your trees. Ash and Lilac Borers are some of the more common pests you may have to deal with. These insects carve holes into the surface of the trunk and work together to break big enough portions of it to crawl into. While they are inside your tree trunk they will enjoy the dark, and damp interior as a new home. Not only will these insects reproduce inside your tree, they will also rob it of its nutrients. It’s also important to remember that the holes they create can create openings for different species of infestation to come in after.

The bagworm insect is another common pest, it is found most commonly in the Atlantic area of the United States. Most deciduous trees are vulnerable to bagworms. These pests choose to eat through the leaves, and branches in the tree’s crown for nourishment. Often the real threat of bagworms is the vulnerability trees face after they eat significant amount of leaves. At that point in time disease becomes a much more capable enemy of the tree, due to its lack of energy to fight off disease. Insecticides are the most common method of killing bagworm infestations.

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