<strong>Saving Your Trees In NC </strong>

Do you have a tree that needs some TLC? Here at West Asheville Tree Service we offer an array of services for all your tree needs. Whether it be a trim, removal, bracing, cabling or other structural support issues, we work with all trees! If you have a tree that isn’t holding weight well on it’s own, we offer structural support for your tree. Whether it is a small tree that needs help thriving on its own, or a large tree that is at the brink of collapsing, we are here to help. Here are some methods we use to save your tree:


If you have a tree that has the potential of falling due to a crack, we offer cabling methods which allows the tree to have proper support so it won’t fall over. This method restricts the movement of the tree with cables that are anchored. It can be used for entire trees, branches or trunks depending on where the issue is.


If you have a crack in your tree, we offer bracing methods to help close the crack. This method involves threading rods through the tree’s crack with nuts on each end. This creates pressure that will push the tree together slowly.

If you are in need of some tree saving, we are here to help! We are located in West Asheville, NC. Please give us a call at (insert number here)!

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