How Does the Summer Effect Trees?

Like the spring, summer is an era of uninhibited growth for trees everywhere. During the summer trees will either grow vertically towards the sky, outwards atop its crown, or both. Seeds and pollen will continue to scatter through the summer and begin life in any fertile ground it may find. The most important element to a tree’s health is vitamin D, or sunlight. The sun provides the catalyst for photosynthesis in all trees, and plants. Most trees will activate there buds in the summer, this process is called lignification and its done in order to help them survive the winter.

Water, minerals and nutrients are captured at the base of the tree’s roots. All of these elements will work together to supply the whole tree with the life force it requires to grow, thrive, and survive. By using sunlight through photosynthesis the tree is able to create its own food source. The most catastrophic danger to trees during the summer is the loss of rain. This is why its important to water your trees for the appropriate amount consistently. Although trunks, branches, and leaves will grow during the summer, they are jump started in the spring. This is due to the immediate excess of rainfall during the season.

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