How does the spring effect trees?

In order to understand the changes that occur during the spring, we must first understand what happened in the fall and winter. These two seasons are marked by two basic concepts climate wise. First and foremost, the temperatures steadily decline, and secondly the amount of daylight is significantly reduced. Throughout this period stored nutrients will be your tree’s best friend and allow it to survive the harsh weather. However, during the spring all of that changes.

There is a renaissance of life for the tree and it emerges out of dormancy to begin thriving once again. The massive difference in climate, and sunlight creates a reaction inside the tree which allows the tree to begin mass producing growth agents. During the rest of the spring season trees will grow to there maximum health and begin to store nutrients for later use. The spring is greatest growth period of the year for trees, and the one in which we observe the greatest physical difference. Interestingly, the spring season allows trees to spread there pollen and reproduce elsewhere. This is also when rings will form on the inside of the trees trunk, these rings are usually observed in order to estimate a trees age.

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