How does the fall effect trees?

Fall is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Whether its the changing colors, or the mosaics of leaves that coat the earth it seems art is evident throughout. Before the fall our leaves go through a very long cycle in the summer. Through photosynthesis, and water absorption our trees store massive amounts of energy or food rather. At the start of the fall our trees begin to break down its internal chlorophyll and this causes the shedding of leaves.

The tree will go down to its most basic levels of hibernation in order to survive the winter ahead. All of the energy that was stored inside during the summer is purposed towards nourishing the tree during the winter. Leaves fall as a direct result of the changing daylight hours. The reduction of sunlight lends itself to a smaller degree of photosynthesis. In turn the pathways inside the leaves that carry water, and sugar are dried out. The drying of these leaves creates the brittling action that eventually allows them to fall to the ground. Thankfully, leaves that fall to the ground are not simply wasted by mother nature. Eventually, they become a second source of nutrients to the soil.

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