Hazardous Tree Inspection

Hazardous tree inspections are important if you have a property with a lot of trees or if you’re planning to buy one. Certain trees are labeled high risk or hazardous if they can fall on something. That something could be a house, vehicle or area where people are likely to be present. Hazardous tree identification isn’t always easy for the average property owner, so a tree care company should be contacted to identify and take corrective actions.

Some factors that hazardous tree inspections may consider include:

– Tree condition

– Tree species

– Tree age and size

Identification of these conditions means looking for certain signs. For example, trees in bad health may have a lot of dead branches, brown or discolored leaves and small leaves. Certain types of trees may be prone to specific defects that can lead to fall susceptibility. For example, maple trees may grow weak unions of branches that are very prone to breaking. The size and age of a tree is also a factor. Old trees may have more health problems and they can also be very large, which makes them even more hazardous.

More symptoms of hazardous tree identification include:

– Dead wood

– Tree cracks

– Decay

– Weak branch unions

– Tree cankers

– Root problems

– Strange tree form


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