Great Mulching techniques

The advantages of applying mulch to trees are massive. Primarily,
mulch will help to increase the trees ability to capture moisture and
nutrients. This further allows for growth to occur. Mulch will also insulate
the ground which provides armor for roots from the intense weather conditions
of summer and winter. Mulch can also have beneficial effects on the ecosystems
that exist within the soil. As mulch decomposes it will have positive effects
on life beneath supplying valuable nutrients. Additionally, mulch can keep
pestilent diseases and infestations out from your plant life. From a purely
aesthetic standpoint mulch can make your landscape look more appealing.

Trees that exist in forests and non-human dominated areas sink their
roots directly into high quality soil that is the perfect consistency, and
density for growth. Residential and commercial areas alike both suffer from the
urban issues limiting optimal tree growth factors. Typically when applying
mulch to your trees about 3 inches thick a layer of the material should be
spread.  The mulch simulates the
wonderful conditions found in nature for tree growth. Mulch is normally found
in two different types. The first is organic and the second is inorganic. Both
types have various advantages and disadvantages. Research the type of plant life
you have, and determine based off your objectives which mulch is the proper

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