Fruit Tree Facts

The vast majority of fruit trees do not grow directly from seeds. They are in fact created out of a process called grafting. In this method, the roots are cloned from a strong fruit tree and turned into saplings. Next the saplings are grafted with branches taken from other trees for faster growth. One interesting fact about fruit trees is that most modern fruit trees in North America were not originally grown here. Apples were initially brought to America by colonists who sought to make ciders with it. Pears were brought by the Chinese, and various Europeans. Plums are a product of Italy. Furthermore, Apricots are native to Korea, and Manchuria.

The more north a tree grows the higher a percentage it will grow deciduous fruits. The freezing that occurs during the winter creates the conditions that allow the tree to become deciduous. This inspires the growth of apples, and pears. However, in more consistent tropical climates fruits such as mangoes will grow from evergreens. Within regions that have a middle ground climate the nature of the tree is on the fence. It will be determined by a number of factors but both deciduous, and evergreen trees are found.

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