Fixing a Storm Damaged Tree

Depending on where you live, at some point in time, it’s very likely that a tree on your property will suffer storm damage. This damage could be in the form of a lightning strike or a strong gust of wind breaking branches, cracking roots or splitting trunks. Before looking into storm damaged tree repair, you should assess the tree and the safety risk that it may pose.

Storm damage danger signs include the following:

– Hanging or split branches

– Split or broken tree top

– Holes or splits in the trunk

– Raised soil at the base

– Roots pulled up or visible

– Entire tree is leaning

Any or several of these signs could mean that the tree is in danger of falling or breaking and a tree care professional should be contacted immediately.

Professional arborists can perform storm damaged tree repair in many cases. Pruning back broken branches properly can help the tree heal. Split repair depends on how severe the split is. A split down the entire trunk may not heal. Another common issue is the top of the tree breaking off. If more than half of the tree crown remains, an arborist can trim trim it properly so it can grow back. If the tree loses more than half of its crown it may need to be removed.

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