Firewood Sales

As winter arrives in West Asheville, NC, you will need to use your fireplace or woodstove to have warmth in your home. In addition to providing an assortment of tree care services such as diagnosing pest infestations, removing diseased trees or protecting trees from lightning strikes, we offer firewood sales to local residents. When we remove a tree from a property, we can process it into firewood so that it is useful.

Seasoned Firewood

When you are selecting firewood, you must make sure that it is completely dry, free of pests and seasoned properly so that you can have a safer fire. Splitting wood for a fire is a strenuous chore, but you can visit our company for firewood that is ready for use immediately. Our West Asheville, NC company maintains a supply of firewood that is dried six months to two years, depending on its type of wood. This means that you can buy firewood today to begin using it right away.

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The best time to buy firewood is in the autumn so that you have it before a snowstorm begins, and you can transport the firewood home in your own vehicle. However, if you want to buy a large amount of firewood, then you can have it delivered to your property at your convenience. Firewood sales at our tree care company occur at various times of the year, so you can contact us to receive a notification with a telephone call or an email.

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