Famous Japanese Trees

Cherry Blossom trees are one of the most memorable, and unique trees on earth. These beauties are the national flower of Japan, and its most widely known tree. One of the most famous Japanese cherry blossom’s is the Miharu in the town of Fukushima. Interestingly,the tree is famous for its structure which resembles a waterfall. The tree itself is estimated at over 1000 years of age, and is over 12 meters in height. The Usuzumi Zakura is another fantastic cherry blossom in Japan.

It stands at above 16 meters in height, and is approximately 1500 years old. The Zakura is a National Monument in Japan and has been so since 1922. The name Usuzumi Zakura is translated as The Pale Grey Ink Cherry Blossom. One of the more unique aspects of the Zakura’s growth is that during growth the flowers are Pink. However, when the flowers reach the falling period they turn white. Historians believe that the Pale Grey Ink Cherry Blossom was originally planted by Emperor Keitai during the 6th century. Although these trees are so symbolic of japan they are relatively common in the United States, and Europe as well.

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