Famous European Trees

The Major Oak is widely considered to be the most well-known tree in the United Kingdom. This tree has a hollow trunk which was apparently used as a hiding spot by Robin Hood. What’s odd about this fact is that estimates of the tree’s age claims that this is not physically possible in fact the same estimates state that the tree would have barely been the size of a sapling during such an event. The Kent Tree is another unique tree in Europe. The Kent Tree is located in Woolsthorpe Manor and is guarded by a barrier to keep it safe from visitors. The tree in question, is actually the one in which Sir Isaac Newton discovered the concept of gravity.

This makes the Kent Tree one of the most important, and inspiring trees in history. The Birnam Oak tree is an ancient one which is mentioned in Macbeth by Shakespeare. The tree originally belonged to a forest which has since suffered great loss. Lastly, the Queen Elizabeth Oak is said to have kept Queen Elizabeth I company during her imprisonment. Furthermore, the Queen is said to have been freed while she was sitting below the trees crown.

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