If there are trees in your yard that could fall on your house or that are diseased, then you should consider emergency tree removal services that are offered by our West Asheville, NC company. While most trees do provide shade so that you can enjoy being outside, there are times when they are more of a hindrance.

One of the most common reasons for emergency tree removal in West Asheville, NC is if there has been storm damage. Even if strong winds from a storm don’t topple a tree, the heavy rain can weaken the ground around the base of the tree, making it weaker for when the next storm that comes along. Older trees can easily be damaged during a storm because the root system is usually weaker than that of a younger tree.

When a tree poses harm to people or your home, then it’s time to consider emergency removal services. Pay attention to the way that a tree leans in your yard. If it appears to lean in a direction that would result in it falling on a vehicle or on your home, then preventative measures should be taken in order to decrease the chances of it landing on these pieces of property if it falls. Tree removal services can also be provided if there are limbs from a tree that have already fallen or if there are hanging limbs that could further result in the tree falling. Trees that clearly show signs of disease or a pest infestation should be removed as well because they are often weaker.

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