Disease can Dismantle Trees

The vast majority of disease will reduce the appeal of your trees, and its ability to produce nutrients. However, many disease will also cause structural decay, and increase the likelihood of fatal situations. To be more specific some of these diseases will weaken the strength of the crown and its branches. This can cause infestation in the tree, as well as falling limbs. First, infestation will occur more likely because the diseased tree will be more vulnerable to pests. The pests will be able to acquire nutrients from the tree easier and lead to further breakdown of the tree.

Second falling limbs will pose a significant risk to those nearby. These limbs can vary in size greatly. Some may be just twigs with little to know risk, while others may be sizable and capable of injury or worse. Fungi is typically the most common source of disease that is fatal. In some cases, a wound is created in the tree trunk, or crown and fungi finds its way in. Insects which come into contact with fungi may carry the disease into the tree while taking shelter in the wound. It’s also possible for fungi to travel down to the roots of the tree and infect it from the source.

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